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LE MERIDIEN PEGASUS 130 comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned rooms and suites including 34 Luxury suites and 3 Deluxe suites. See amenities and rates below. Club President guests enjoy Luxury King Sized rooms. VIP Guests may wish to avail of the Queen Elizabeth II Suite. Seawall Road
Kingston, Georgetown
Teléfono: 592-225-2853-9 Fax: 592-225-3703

LAKE MAINSTAY Lake Mainstay is located 15 mins by car inland from Anna Regina on the Essequibo coast. With its own airstrip, the resort is a 20-minute flight from Georgetown. The Arawak Indians first inhabited the Mainstay area; it was called Quacabuka, an Arawak word meaning in–between. Teléfono: 592 226 2975 Fax: 592 226 2755 PRAIRIE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Fully air-conditioned rooms, fans, conference room to facilitate 35 persons, bar, television, hot &cold water, telephone, refrigerator, laundry, kitchenette, internet service, security service and Deck. 11 South Half Coverden East Bank Demerara Teléfono: 592-261-2260 Fax: 592-261-2259 RADDISON SUITES Fully air-conditioned Suites and Apartments, fully self contained, hot & cold water, telephone, microwave/stove top, dinette set, kitchenette, refrigerator, VCR and television. 83 Laluni Street Queenstown, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-226-2145 ROYAL REGENCY APARTMENTS All rooms fully air-conditioned, gym, kitchenette, restaurant, bar, 24 hour security service, television, taxi service, hot & cold water, telephone, Complimentary Breakfast & Newspaper. 98 Hadfield Street Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-225-4785 Fax: 592-226-0531 ROCKVIEW LODGE This is The Rock View Lodge, nestled between the Amerindian villages of Annai and Rupertee on the North Rupununi Savannahs where the foothills of the Pakaraima mountain range meet the tropical rainforest of Guyana, South America. The Iwokrama International Rainforest Project field station with the famed Canopy Walkway and Atta Rainforest Camp, the fourteen villages of the indigenous Makushi people of the North Rupununi and the Karanambu cattle ranch are all easily accessible from Rock View. We have a Toyota Hilux pickup, a four-wheel drive Bedford Truck, horses, bicycles and boats for your transportation needs and activities. Teléfono: 592-226-5412 Fax: 592-225-1171 SAXACALLI RAINFOREST CENTRE Discover a private protected reserve with an overwhelming profusion of life found on one of Guyana s largest river. The Saxacalli Rainforest Centre is located at Plot 3N, Bara Bara Creek, on the left bank on the Essequibo River , approximately 25 miles from Parika and 2 hours travel from Guyana s capital Georgetown. Cricket, volleyball, swimming, boat rides or simply relaxing in a hammock and enjoying the view of the Essequibo River . Teléfono: (592) 222 4565 Fax: (592) 222 317 SHANKLANDS RAINFOREST RESORT Shanklands promotes ecologically sensitive tourism with a responsible attitude towards the environment. We work with community development in mind and at the same time offer professional and international standards to our clientele. Shanklands is an eco-nature environment and is conservation conscious. Shanklands would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you find this site informative and entertaining. Please feel free to contact us for any further information that you may require. Teléfono: 592-225-2678 Fax: 592-226-8907 TIMBERHEAD RAINFOREST RESORT Timberhead rainforest lodge, a true rainforest experience with accommodations in native-built long houses on stilts, sleep under insect net canopies, candlelit gourmet meals served open-air under the trees or in the comfortable lodge, and visits to a nearby Amerindian village Santa Mission, all an incredibly short eight miles away from Georgetowns international airport. VIP guests in recent years have been Queen Elizabeth and former president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter. Teléfono: 592-225-3760 WATER CHRIS HOTEL Air-condition, fans, conference room to facilitate 25 persons, restaurant, bar, television, taxi service, hot & cold water, telephone refrigerator, internet access, security service, laundry. 184 Waterloo Street. South Cummingsburg. Georgetown. Teléfono: 592-226-5257 Fax: 592-227-3266 HOLIDAY INTERNATIONAL APARTMENTS All apartments fully air-conditioned, fans available also, hot & cold water, television, security service, telephone, refrigerator, laundry, kitchenette. 143 Campbell Avenue Campbellville, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-225-8327 Fax: 592-22

HOTEL ARIANTZE SIDE WALK CAFÉ & JAZZ CLUB Delightfully charming decor and our friendly, personalised service make a stay at the Ariantze a pleasantly memorable experience in fine Caribbean hospitality. From the moment you arrive, whether for a short trip or a longer stay, youll feel as though youre staying with family. 176 Middle Street Cummingsburg, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-225-4595 Fax: 592-227-0210 HURAKABRA RIVER RESORT Hurakabra is presently a two dwelling, water front facility on 22 acres of land set against a tropical forest, bamboo groves and mango trees. Accommodation ranges from the beautifully appointed Mango Tree Villa to the cosy Bamboo Cottage. Bucksands River Cottage & Hurakabra River Resort are located on the West Bank of the Essequibo River, approximately 1mile apart and about 4 miles from Bartica. Beautiful, private with plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy. The region is home to more than 800 bird species, and you might spot some spider monkeys too. Teléfono: 225-3557 Teléfono: 226-0240 HOTEL TOWER Hotel Tower Limited is located in the heart of Georgetown with a splendid view overlooking the main shopping areas of the City. It boasts a panoramic view of national landmarks and other prominent buildings such as the Bank of Guyana Building, the Cenotaph, City Hall, the National Museum, the National Library and major stores such as Courts Guyana Limited and Guyana Stores Limited. 74-75 Main Street Georgetown Teléfono: 592-227-2011 Fax: 592-226-5363 IWOKRAMA CANOPY WALKWAY Welcome to the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development. The Centre manages the nearly one million acre (371,000 hectares) Iwokrama Forest in central Guyana to show how tropical forests can be conserved and sustainably used to provide ecological, social and economic benefits to local, national and international communities. For the past decade Iwokrama has been at the forefront of Research and Development into best practices for sustainable forest management. Heavily integrated into our best practices are our strong community relations with the communities of the North Rupununi and the Village of Fair View within the Iwokrama Forest. These integral activities form the core of the Iwokrama International Centre. This core in turn supports the businesses of Iwokrama. By integrating human needs and values into business development and conservation strategies, partnerships with local communities are established so they can assist in forest management and get direct benefits through joint business development. Teléfono: 592-225-1504 Fax: 592-225-9199

CAREYS APARTMENTS 27 Queen Street Kitty, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-226-3407 Fax: 592-225-5032 FULTON COURT 310-312 Church & Irving Streets Georgetown Teléfono: 592-227-2711 Fax: 592-227-2944

MS VILLE APARTMENTS 230 Anaida Avenue Eccles, East Bank Demerara Teléfono: 592-233-2410 Fax: 592-227-1592 PALACE DE LEON APARTMENTS 60 Croal Street , Georgetown Teléfono: 592-227-7019 Fax: 592-223-7328 TOUCAN GUEST HOUSE 17 Kastev Meten-Meer-Zorg West Coast Demerara Teléfono: 592-268-2408 TPS APARTMENTS 56 Pike Street Kitty, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-226-7804 Fax: 592-225-5032 KANUKU SUITES At the Kanuku Suites, guests feel at home with the personalized and individual attention given. Since out theme is Bringing Nature to you, guests will be in awe by the comfortable furniture and fixtures taken from the rainforest into the luxurious facility. The building itself, built with the unique style of a modern-antique appearance. This adds to the comfort of a home away from home Campbelville Georgeton, Guyana Teléfono: 592-226-4001 Fax: 592-227-4588 KARANAMBO RANCH This ranch is run by Dianne McTurk. Dianne is very warm and welcoming and full of character and personal anecdotes. The ranch is now dedicated to wildlife conservation and is located in an extremely remote and beautiful part of the Rupununi, encompassing parts of the Rupununi and Sipuruni rivers. There are plenty of opportunities for viewing wildlife, particularly bird watching and caiman spotting whilst drifting down the river. The Victoria Amazonica (Our National Flower) lily grows on ponds nearby and you can ask to be taken out at night to see the magnificent blooms and lily pads. Wilderness Explorers, Cara Suites, 176 Middle Street Georgetown Teléfono: 592-227-7698

BRANDSVILLE APARTMENTS 89-90 Pike Street Campbellville, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-227-0989 Fax: 592-231-7001 ARLINGTON APARTMENTS 93 Smyth Street Georgetown Teléfono: 592-225-1059 Fax: 592-225-1059 ARROWPOINT Arrowpoint Nature Resort is named after the many Arrow Trees found in the area, which is used by the Amerindians to make their arrows for hunting. Arrowpoint Nature Resort is nestled in the heart of the Amerindian reservation of Santa Mission. Located in region # 3, Essequibo Islands/West Demerara Teléfono: 592-225-9648 BAGANARA ISLAND RESORT A resort on the Essequibo River. Pre-eminent among the three hundred and sixty-five islands in the mighty Essequibo is this wonderful little paradise with one hundred and eighty-seven acres of lush green foliage and colourful tropical flowers. A quick hop on a plane, or a one-hour drive or cruise from Georgetown. A great place to recover from the wilds of the interior with a gorgeous beach and great food. Located in region 7 Cuyuni/ Mazaruni Teléfono: 592-226-0605 BLUE WAVE APARTMENTS When Blue Wave first opened its doors in 1992 it introduced to the city what is now familiarly called the Blue Wave Experience. Blue Wave is centrally located in Georgetown within easy reach of a variety of tourist attractions. When Blue Wave first opened its doors in 1992 it introduced to the city what is now familiarly called the Blue Wave Experience. Blue Wave is centrally located in Georgetown within easy reach of a variety of tourist attractions. 8 -9 North Road Bourda, Georgetown Teléfono: 592-226-1417-8 Fax: 592-226-2742 CARA LODGE All rooms fully air-conditioned, conference room to facilitate 50 persons, bar, television, complimentary newspaper, taxi service, refrigerator and Internet service. 294 Quamina Street Georgetown Teléfono: 592-225-5301 Fax: 592-225-5310 CARA SUITES Fully air-conditioned rooms, hot & cold water, telephone, refrigerator, kitchenette, laundry, complimentary newspaper, Bar, television, taxi service, Internet service. 176 Middle Street Georgetown Teléfono: 592-226-1612 Fax: 592-226-1541 EMERALD TOWER Hotel Tower Limited is located in the heart of Georgetown with a splendid view overlooking the main shopping areas of the City. It boasts a panoramic view of national landmarks and other prominent buildings such as the Bank of Guyana Building, the Cenotaph, City Hall, the National Museum, the National Library and major stores such as Courts Guyana Limited and Guyana Stores Limited. Teléfono: 592-227-2011 Fax: 592-225-6021 GRAND COASTAL INN Choose from two locations for a comfortable stay in Georgetown, Guyana – the Grand Coastal Inn ten minutes by car from the city centre, and the Grand Coastal Lodge in central Georgetown. The Inn also offers excellent conference facilities, great dining, a gym, pool and pool bar and wifi internet. It’s comfort and service at its best. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. 1&2 Le Ressouvenir East Coast Demerara Teléfono: 592-220-1091 Fax: 592-220-1498 GRAND COASTAL LODGE Air-conditioned, modern, comfortable rooms; well-lit and self-contained; in the heart of downtown Georgetown. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable chair, desk, bedside lamp, lighted ceiling fan, clock/radio, hot & cold water, telephone and television. Internet access available in hotel. 144 W1/2 Regent St., Bourda Georgetown, Guyana. Teléfono: 592-231-7674 Fax: 592-231-7047

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